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Partex Jute Mills Limited
(PJML) is a enterprise of Partex Group, one of the largest conglomerates in private sector in our country. Partex Group owns and operates a numbers of units in various sectors, engaged in manufacturing, sales and distribution of products and services to satisfy all its consumers. The sponsors by this time have gathered sufficient experience in production, management and marketing. They have sound contract with consumers of Jute Yarn & Plain Twill Cloth. Sponsors are confident that Partex Jute Mills Ltd. would be viable and worthy. In view sponsors has decided to set-up a whole new line of business under the same management as well as the enhanced management. This will not only increase profitability but also enable to add more value considering the growing worldwide market.


About Us

Our planet is immense. But yet, it is also quite fragile. Daily headlines remind us that we live in a delicate ecosystem under serious assault. But, thankfully, a new attitude is emerging. One that takes responsibility for the problems we face and resolves to treat the planet more kindly.


The answer, unlike millions of plastic bags, is not blowing in the wind. The answer is JUTE. It’s made from plants, not oil. It lasts. It looks great and when you can’t use it any more it biodegrades completely. JUTE. The answers in your hands…


• Jute is hundred percentage Bio-Degradable and recyclable therefore it is environmental friendly bag.
• Jute bag is high strength and breathable fabric.
• Jute can be easily blended with other fibres it could be natural 
sythetics or wool.
• Jute can retain high level of Moisturising.
• Jute is cost effective comparing with synthetic geo- textile.
• Vegetable oil treated bag which make food, vegetable, fruits or coffee fresh for long time.
• Re usable bag
• Industry can participate in CSR by using jute Bag
Jute bag is tearing and hook damage resistance bag industries 
can use this as

Jute, naturally. Unlike plastic, it’s not a byproduct of the global petrochemicals industry. And also unlike plastic, it biodegrades completely, to the benefit of the soil.

Our bags are an example of our commitment to be environmentally aware, socially responsible and ethical to our planet and our people. We take our integrity very seriously, and through that we take great pride in providing top quality, eco-friendly, ethical bags.

At Simply Jute our jute bags are natural, re-usable, long lasting, ethical and biodegradable. Jute is not just an alternative - it is the only biodegradable option.


Partex Jute Mills Ltd (PJML) began its commercial production in April 2012. PJML is a forward-thinking, carbon-zero company who produce high quality fabric and bags using natural plant fibres called Jute. The bags are sustainable, ethical, reusable and biodegradable which sets these products apart from the ubiquitous plastic and paper bags that we used to rely on so much.

We offer a wide range of jute bags and packaging, you can either choose from our current stock or opt for a bespoke product, which our in-house designers can help you to create. We can produce an impressive xxx bags per day! This means that we are even better equipped to handle orders of any size, if necessary at short notice.

Company Overview

The Group has invested in a number of diverse import substitutes, export oriented as well as a few service oriented projects. Directors of the group are also in board members of several renowned financial and educational institutions .

Board of Directors

M.A. Hashem Chairman
Rubel Aziz Managing Director

Group Concern

Food & Beverages
Real Estate Energy


• Net worth US$ 300 million
• 450 distributor around the nation
• 280,000 outlets where products are available
• Over 10,000 employees
Multidiscipline Industrial Complex
2004 – 2005 turnover US$460 million
Growth rate 20% per annum